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 Saturday 4/26 BRCF will be hosting a fundraising WOD "Deadlifts for Demi." Demi is Dave Helm's 3 year old niece. (Dave is an original member from January 2013 and a mainstay in our 6am class!) In January she was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer, Retinoblastoma. Very progressive, this cancer took over her entire eye. A week after her diagnosis the tumor was successfully removed by a team is specialists at Duke University Medical Center. Fit for a prosthetic left eye a couple of weeks ago Demi is adjusting well and continues all her favorite activities especially gymnastics and spending time with her family, older sister and brother.We are taking donations to help her and her family on her road to recovery. 

We are happy to announce that we will be continuing the Power Vinyasa Yoga classes as part of our regular scheduling. Starting Sunday 4/6 you will need to purchase a YOGA package or pay the drop-in fee to attend the classes. You can purchase directly through MindBody (quick link above.) More info can be found under "Getting Started – Schedule and Pricing."


Our March Paleo Challenge Winners are as follows - 

Inches Lost – Justine Paxhia   Weight Lost – John Brogan   Performance – Pen Pen Chen 

Congrats to all of the winners and participants! If you want to leave us some feedback about the challenge email us at brcfcoaches@gmail.com!