REMINDER ! – 'Dropping Weight' is STRICTLY Forbidden in Bay Ridge CrossFit.  Scaling of workouts and barbell movements is paramount to your training and development as an athlete.  If there is ever any question as to your capabilities with a barbell movement OR the weight of the barbell YOU SHOULD NOT PERFORM the exercise until a MANAGEABLE WEIGHT has been decided upon BY THE TRAINER. Thank You in advance for your continued cooperation.  Any athletes with questions or concerns regarding this issue in reference to their training may email us at bayridgecrossfit@gmail.com. 


~Important Notice :

 We are having a great time training hard and seeing results this summer.In an effort to continue providing the atmosphere we all love, we must strictly adhere to the 12 athlete per session registration that will ensure that Bay Ridge CrossFit remain the best possible training environment for all of our athletes. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation! See you in the gym.

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We have a new phone number – (718) 921 – BRCF – please continue to call us with any questions or if you need to cancel a class! 

Most of the team at Mayhem in the Meadowlands – Congrats to all of our athletes and coaches who participated! Also, thank you to those who came out to support them! Special shout out to Eleni from Prep and Rep Kitchen & Bruce and Marissa Friedberg for feeding the athletes that day!